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Would it be possible to add a Context menu. So you can jump right into a folder rather than go search for it withiin MP3Tag.

Where would you like the context menu?
In Mp3tag you can create a tool, see here:

If you install MP3tag in the normal, not the portable way, you get the option to add a shell extension for the explorer context menu.

You can also drag&drop files from the explorer into MP3tag.
If you hold the CTRL key while d&d-ing, the files are added to the already loaded ones.

Thanks Will try this

I was thinking when you right click a folder then the context menu would show MP3Tag and you could click it and MP3Tag would start in that folder.

Maybe this:

That is has it is suppose to work. I just have check this- the icon is still there, after installation of 2.98

Yes works perfectly in 2.98 full install, But because of how my system is setup I tend too only use the Portable versions and of course there is then no Context menu, Maybe it could be a switch in the options/general section.


You can add Mp3tag to the context menu in Windows file explorer with the help of a registry file. I use this method in XP and Win10 on my portable install of Mp3tag.

Copy and paste the text below into a textfile with the extension .reg

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="\"C:\\Portable\\Mp3tag\\Mp3tag.exe\" \"%1\""

Then edit my file path above C:\\Portable\\Mp3tag\\Mp3tag.exe\ to suit your system.

Run the registry file when done.


Thanks yes that`s how I do it at the moment

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@=""D:\Tools\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" "%1""

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I warn you to to do so and use the context-menue for files instead of only folders, because it shows unwanted side-effects:

I appreciate the warning! But I'm not sure if this issue actually relates to my user scenario?

The registry file I posted above only adds Mp3tag on the folder context menu (and without any icon). Perhaps there's a confusion because I mentioned "Windows file explorer" - but that's just the name of the program and should probably be just "Windows Explorer".

I might have misinterpreted the german-english translation of your post - but if I understand correctly, this issue would occur when right-clicking on files and not folders?

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And if you want to see the Mp3tag icon in the shell menu, then here you go:

Could this be translated into English please by some user[s]?

If this is important then it could / should be added to

If you want to have a shell extension, then use a standard installation.
The point of having a portable installation is that is does not leave any traces on the current PC, esp not in the registry.
So adding registry entries manually is an unsupported hack.

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