Tag Panel: horizontal layout improvements to tag fields

Thanks Florian. This is a real major coup in the design of the Tag-panel.

One hint:
Is it intentional that the width of the small field is different if you place 3 in a row or only 2 or 1?

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It's fine to wait for the non-beta release. Thanks for taking the time to make the animated gifs — very cool explanation of the feature :slight_smile:

Thanks! Means a lot :slight_smile:

Great! Glad you like it.
Thanks for pointing to the sizing issue. There is a bunch of math going on there and I'll fix it to the next release.

If only I could have two Tag Panels: one vertical as it is and a second one in horizontal position- on which I would place my COMMENTS, TITLE and ALBUM fields with a predefined width, because they tend to by very long but some are longer than others; and then also get rid of TITLE and ALBUM from the vertical Tag Panel, so to not double the fields thus not wasting the precious space...

I've fixed that with the latest Development Build Mp3tag v2.88e. Thanks!

Just another improvement-suggestion that would it make a little bit more perfect for me:
Multiline boxes with configurable size would allow me to see more of my lyrics without the need of scrolling.

With the regular release of v2.89 I'm marking this as solved as it relates to the original suggestion :+1: Of course the topic can continue to function for any comments related to the changes.

Once again thanks to Florian for taking the time and effort to add these welcome additions.

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GREAT , great work!!!

One more thing to make it complete.

Make all the fields accept user defined values as the genre field. :slight_smile:

Could someone check this out and confirm it or debunk it:

My Smaller is actually bigger than the Small- it seems the names are simply switched. At least that how it looks like in my Mp3tag when the Tag Panel is in the vertical position

I know now what is wrong... or "wrong"

I think that this either a case of semantics and / or nor being a native English speaker, which that latter one being true for me and [I assume] also for @Florian:

SMALL in less than whatever you define as being NORMAL. But SMALL also means more of something than the SMALLER amount of it

So how abut changing the order of names or even names themselves to avoid such confusions?

Currently it is

Normal > Smaller > Small > Multiline

And so

Normal > Small > Smaller > Multiline

still would be confusing; also on the account of the biggest version being on the end of the list, after smaller ones

So how about changing this to at least

Normal > Medium > Small > Multiline


But what I would really like to see is:

Multiline > Normal > Medium > Small

or even

Multiline > Normal > Medium > Small > Micro

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I've renamed the Tag-Panel field sizes to

  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small

with Mp3tag v2.90d. Thanks for the feedback everybody!

Confirmed, thank you for taking care of the core of that issue

Although I still do not understand why the biggest one [the Multiline] is at the end, after the smallest one [the Small]