Tag Panel: horizontal layout improvements to tag fields


Currently when positioned in its horizontal layout the Tag Panel fields are rather awkwardly flowed when enough custom fields have been added in the options.

The first two columns of tag fields seem to be fixed in position while only the third column subsequently expands downward, which leaves a lot of unused space and requires the panel to be resized very high, at the expense of space in the file view.

What would be great is if fields from columns could flow into other columns depending on the height of the Tag Panel, and also be able to flow into more than three columns. Examples:



I think maybe this has come up in posts before but couldn't find a dedicated suggestion thread in my last search.


Modifications like that have been already suggested in the past. I am sure someone will dig up some old post aiming precisely at what you propose here and now

But there were also other ideas by one and the same user:


And here is what new option I would I like to see: ability to place a chosen field all throughout the whole horizontal space

Imagine this: one long TITLE or ALBUM field that could display all the extremely long names, without the need to resize vertically placed Tag Panel or keeping a wide Column to accommodate those few very long cases. Or LYRICS or whatever you need / like


Here's one post from a few 2012 anyway.


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Just a quick update: I'm working on the suggested layout change and plan to release this with the next version.


Here we go... Mp3tag v2.87c Development Build

Looking forward to your feedback! :slight_smile:


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I am using the horizontal tag-panel since years because the vertical tag-panel made it necessary to scroll in order to see the whole content and I sort of arranged with the insufficiencies of the horizontal layout. I appreciate any approvement but I think for an real approvement it would be necessary to make the layout of the tag-panel really user-configurable, because a definition of the width and the placing of the tag-fiels would really allow to get more tagfields in the tag-panel without the need of scrolling.

The new layout of the horizontal tag-panel places the tag fields on the surface a little better (resulting in a larh´ger horizontal space) but because also the display of the cover is much larger than before and much larger than in the vertical tag-panel I have to scroll again horizontally because I mostly don't work with MP3Tag in a full-windows-screen-modus.

I have no real objection against a larger display of the cover-image but together with the limited possibility of arranging the tag-fields it results for my configuration the need to scroll horizontally.


Can you explain your ideas behind that? Also, could you post a screenshot depicting the desired improvements to the layout?


The main idea is to get as much tagfields in the tag-panel as possible and not to waste space.
To achieve this it would be necessary for the user to have the ability to take influence on the width and the position of the tag-fields.
I have some self-defined tag-fields in the tag-panel that in extreme only need space for 1 character (only a little bit more because of the headline) but without the possibility to have real influence on the position and width they cover much more place than necessary. They could easily be positioned together in 1 row and 1 column like the arrangement of year, track and genre in the original layout.

Normally I don't work with Mp3Tag in full screen mode because I often have to drag and drop or have a look at windows from other applications during my work. I have a 27"-Monitor with a resolution of 2560x1440 and have set windows to a scale of 125 %.
With the new layout of the tag-panel I have to stretch the mp3tag-windows to about 2/3 of the screen horizontally to see the whole tag-panel without the need of scrolling. This is only necessary because when I stretch the windows horizontally the tag-fields in the tag-panel get wider and wider, even those that don't draw any beneficial of a greater width.
To see the resolution of the embedded coverart aside the picture I have to scroll or enlarge the mp3tag-window to 2/3 of the window. And I like to have a view of this resolution permanently.

With the new layout came a larger display of the embedded coverart than before. To have a closer look at the cover-art it is surely better to have this larger display than before. On the other side this new size of the coverart makes it necessary for me to have a wider size of the tag-panel vertically to have a complete view of the cover-art. I think in the past I made a suggestion to have the possibility to blow-up the embedded coverart with a mouse-cliock too, like it it possible at the moment with the separate cover-art in the folder. This would bring much more advantage (have a look at the details) for the user than a slightly larger cover-art in the tag-panel.

I understand that the previous layout with the vertical overflowing tag-fields in the last column wasn't an ideal thing. On the other side I got accustomed to it and a positioning of the tag-fields that I needed not so often at the end of the list made the disadvantage of the need to scroll vertically sometimes not so hard because I had the beneficial to see the cover-art and the most used tag-fields permanently.

Every user has special workflows and preferences and every rigid layout will have disadvantages and advantages for someone. So I think only a real flexible layout will overcome these disadvantages.
For my personal workflow the old layout-limitations were much more acceptable than the new one in spite of the circumstance that the old one did only use part of the possible usable space.

My explanations to the need of horizontal scrolling and the necessity to enlarge to 2/3 of the screen to avoid this refer to my tag-panel-layout with 4 rows and a multi-line-lyrics-field.