REQUEST: Tag Panel new Size Of Field - micro

Under the

Tools > Options > Tag Panel > Tag Panel [area] > Edit Field [icon] > Size Of Field

we can choose now the size of each and every field, which is very helpful and I thin was a long awaited feature. And so we have:

  • Normal
  • Smaller
  • Small
  • Multiline

[which is, on the side note, kind of confusing: Tag Panel: horizontal layout improvements to tag fields]

How about a new one: micro?

It would be even smaller than the current smallest one available. For example it could be utilized for [consisting hypothetically of only 2 character] fields like TRACK or for fields [consisting hypothetically of only 1 character] like SIDE [assuming you denote sides of tapes / vinyls]. Switching some of the fields to micro sizes could further save space for the user, thus give that user the ability to see even more of tag fields and files on one screen [without the need for scrolling]



I suggested that here:

I could use that too for the content (I have some self-defined 1 character fields) but I have no tag-name that is short enough.:wink:

But even the shortest field would still require the additional space for the triangle icon. So you could still use more that one letter to describe such field

And even if you would only have as little space for describing a given micro field as containing only 1 or 2 characters- then you could use something other than letters and / or numbers. Here are some examples:,

It is your version of Mp3tag with your settings and those would be descriptions and not even the %ACTUAL_NAMES_OF_TAG_FIELDS% - so you needn't to worry abut using something that anyone else will not understand

I came here to post exactly the same thing that you did!

I just upgraded to v2.90 from v2.78 (.... yeah, if it ain't broke don' fix it!) and while I like and very much appreciate the new features, stability and bug fixes, the "field size" issue instantly annoyed me within seconds of the install completing. It's like coming home from work and finding that someone has moved your furniture around - lol.

In v2.78 the 'Genre' field in the Tag Panel was about 2.5 times the size of the 'Year' and 'Track' number panel. I have no idea why all the fields have now been made the same size. When is a track number (usually a maximum of 2 characters) ever going to require the same amount of space as a field which describes musical genres? The same goes for the Year field which will always only ever be 4 characters (there is a separate Date field for people who want a full date). So it seems a strange choice to limit the Genre field so that most of the text it cut off, just to give a bunch of space to two fields that don't need it.

Like other posters here, I would very much like to see a greater range of field sizes, or more control so that you can specify the size yourself.

Additionally, I find the naming confusing and inconsistent. "Normal" is not a size, and gives no indication of how big it will be or how its size compares to other fields. "Normal" implies to me "standard single line" instead of "Multi-line", but it says nothing about its size. I also find the fact that "smaller" is bigger than "small" makes no sense. Small > Smaller > Smallest. Big > Bigger > Biggest.

Finally, the change in font has made all my tag field titles larger, so now I have to widen the tag panel (and reduce precious track-list column width space) to be able to fit the same amount of information that I used to have in my previous Mp3tag version.

Luckily, all these issues are really trivial to fix, and they would really improve the user experience considerably, so hopefully Florian would be prepared to make a few adjustments.

I'd also like a checkbox option on the Tag Panel settings dialog to lock the panel selection so that you when you right-click there is only a menu item to go to the Tag Panel configuration dialog to unlock it (if you want to make changes). For those people who change their tag panels constantly, then obviously they would not choose to select the "lock tag panel fields" option, which means that could continue enable and disable individual fields by right-clicking the the panel, just as you can now.

Thanks to the developer for all his hard work fixing bugs. I read the Version History list and a lot has happened since v2.78. :grinning:

This was fixed in
2.90d (2018-11-12) mp3tagv290dsetup.exe

  • CHG: renamed tag-panel field sizes to large, medium, and small. (#40873)

THIS point is still on the wishlist :wink::evergreen_tree:

From what I've read here the Year field supports the full timestamp, and for specifically for ID3v2.3 is mapped to Date (being discontinued in v2.4). Vorbis from what I've read also uses the same ISO standard timestamp format.

Since discovering that I always use the full timestamp where available in Mp3Tag's Year field. Just thought I'd share my use for comparison.

Some people might use 3 digits, with the first denoting the disc. Or 1 letter + 2 numbers. And what about when the set has more numbers than just 99?

I for example use a custom approach, that often goes [extends] up to 7 characters; with the possibility of going even further [for numbering sets composed of unlimited number of tracks]

Maybe instead of operating within a fixed set of 4-6 sizes, we could have the ability to operate with percentages; similar to what can be done in HTML in regards to cells / tables?

If agree that the original / old size is 100%, then we could go up and down by something like 10%? Up to whatever we want [as somebody might be using a 32:9 monitor], and down to as little as 10% [being the value of the step]?

I also elaborated on that:

That is good to know

I had not such problem. I still use vertical Tag Panel with minimum width. Your problem depends most likely on these factors:

  • resolution set in the OS
  • size of font set in the OS
  • size of borders [and others elements?] set in the OS

And some people might use YEAR for something different, for whatever reason

I for example am forced to use the COMMENT tag field for additional year related info [the year of first recording and / or composing of a given track], because Advanced Title Formatting in Winamp will display data from COMMENT- but will not display a legite DATE tag field or SOME-MADE-UP-BE-ME-FIELD

And there are also issue associated with using on a daily basis different audio formats [[X] Can't copy some unusual TRACK tags from MP3 / FLAC to WMA, APE files problem], which may force the user the adapt one of the fields for some other usage

All the discussions about which field should or could be how long is of secondary importance. Everyone can choose the size for every tag.

There should just be at least one additional "micro" size (about half the size of small).
If we can adjust the size in pixels or percent it would be great too.

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I've added the Tag-Panel field size Smaller (i.e., smaller than Small) with Mp3tag v2.91c.

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