Tagging Year For Entire Folder

Hello, I've been using Mp3Tag for a long time and love the simplicity of the product. However, between all the transferring, backing up, copying, and recreating of my hard drive data, I found my current music collection is missing most of the year and genre.

I'd prefer not to browse through Google, Discogs, and Wikipedia for every album's missing year and genre as I've got several thousand audio files. The screenshot shows all the other field data that is filled in. Is there a macro to tag search and auto-fill the years only? I'd rather go through the genres manually because things can get a little complicated, but the years added would be amazing.

Looks like this topic:

or perhaps this one helps:

and see also this discussion:

And as I understand the mechanism of the web sources you have to do it album by album or title by title if there is no album.
(I wonder how backups remove year and genre data ...)

Does the year and/or genre appear anywhere else, perhaps in your file names? If so that can be used as the source to populate the tags.

Sorry, I didn’t see the image earlier. These files don’t seem to have these tags in their titles. Maybe some other tracks in your library do to help start though?