Updating tags on multiple files causes MP3TAG to hang

Further to my previous topic " Simple Action “Format Value” hangs"

Recently I started another cleanup of my MP3 libraries and once again I am having problems with the program hanging when doing multiple files. I don't believe it is actually caused by the latest versions of the program but I think it is related to the fact that many of the apps I have installed now install their own lame drivers and I am now suffering from a conflict with those drivers. I always use Audiograbber, MP3Gain and MP3Tag. Audiograbber no longer works at all, MP3Gain now corrupts the tags and MP3Tag now hangs on and corrupts my files. Fortunately I have backed up all of my files so I can at least restore them.

The question I have is, am I correct in my assumption? If so what should I look for in potentially conflicting apps and drivers? I have tried uninstalling all MP3 utility programs and reinstalling versions of MP3Tag only from V270 to V318. All of them have the same issue.
I am running under Windows 10 fully updated. A few months ago I did a refresh of windows but did reinstall all the programs I normally use.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what programs/drivers I should try to uninstall before I resort to a complete wipe of my system?


This is a fairly steep allegation as long as you have not checked all your files for integrity.
And as no one can look over your shoulder to see what you do and what you have done so far, it would be easiest for all if you followed this advice:

I don't know what the LAME drivers, or any other encoders, have to do with using mp3tag - as there is no audio encoding or decoding being done at this point.

From the previous conversation thread I thought that you had removed and abandoned Audiograbber. If you uninstall this program, does the problem go away?

I'm sorry to say that I am not happy with your response and allegations of not checking my files integrity. I have been having problems since last August. I am not blaming anyone since I have no idea where the problem is or how it arose. I kept the description as general as possible in the hopes that someone might click on the problem and have some suggestions. I have tried just about everything I can including suggestions made in earlier threads. Here is where things stands as of this morning, my last attempt at editing some tags.

  1. I loaded about 300 files in a folder.
  2. I run MP3Val and fix any problems found. If there are problems that it does not fix then I run MP3Diags, analyze and make any suggested repairs.
  3. I run MP3Tag and and load the folder contain the MP3 files I've checked and repaired.
  4. I make changes to individual files and save them. If there are multiple files that have similar information I use the Tag Panel. Sometimes this works OK. On a second group of files this failed, the program hung and had to be terminated via the Task Manager.
  5. I reran MP3Val and every file in the folder came up with a problem.

I have been using MP3Tag, MP3Gain and Audiograbber for a good number of years without problems, unless I made an error of some kind, until 2022. Now they are all causing me problems so if anyone has any helpful insight or suggestions it would be appreciated.

I don't know what the LAME drivers, or any other encoders, have to do with using mp3tag either. In fact I'm not even sure what they do. I do know however that some of the programs I do use now install their own and that is roughly when my problems started. Maybe it is just a coincidence but I don't think so.

MP3val fixes one set of problems. But definitely not all.
What does MP3diags say?
And these 2 programs only check mp3 files.
For Mp4 or flac you have to use other programs.

And then there is always the possibility of deadlocks as other programs might try to access the files.
Where are they stored? Locally? A NAS?

Usually something about invalid frames or streams.

I only do work with MP3 format files.

Exactly this is an indication that the files are corrupt.
You have to fix the files first so that none of these problems occur.
Once that has been achieved and MP3tag still hangs then we have to analyze other things like access rights, simultaneous access, file types (e.g. extension is MP4 but file is actually MP3).

When there is a problem I try to fix the files. If they can't be repaired or the repair does not work i move them from the library for later attempts. There are no access issues and never have been before on this PC. I am the sole user.
This problem is not only occurring on new files but is also a problem on files that have been untouched except to play them and formerly were not a problem.

I would say that new files have to be checked prior to tagging to make sure that they are OK. Only then it it worthwhile to look for other sources of your problems.
That files can be played does not mean that they are not corrupt in some respects.

Honestly, nothing helps in the end than to get the files into an error free condition.
And I am afraid that you have to redo those checks every time you treat the contents of files with other programs until you found where the source lies.

You are correct. Currently I only have MP3Tag V318 installed. I did a complete uninstall of Audiograbber and the LAME driver several weeks ago without any appreciable change.

If you look at the steps I went through this morning you will notice that after MP3Tag hung, MP3Val tagged every file in the folder as having a "Problem" after having shown clean before running MP3Tag. Would that not indicate to you that it is causing a problem?

You may have noticed

Could you supply one of the files that you say are OK but make MP3tag hang?

From the previous thread...

... if you are creating your own fresh CD rips, there should be no reason that you are finding any of these issues with mp3 or any other file type. So I find it troubling that you are experiencing this in your environment.

There must be some other audio software influencing this that is causing your files to become corrupted in this way. If these are from some other source that you are not getting the CD rips first-hand, I would look closer at that source and see if you can resolve that. I can't think of any other way this should be happening locally in your PC.

I can try. It will be a bit of a problem because as I said before, after MP3Tag hangs all files are tagged as a problem. How do I get it to you?

You could write a personal message or upload a short file here.
You said that you have backups.
So a file from that backup prior to tagging would be nice.

OK. As soon as I can isolate on I will send it.

Well I guess there is definitely something rotten on my PC. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I installed MP3Tag on my laptop, which I normally only use for very specific functions and is seldom update. I attached the portable drive that contains my music files and started to run them through the program. I formatted the file names to include all the tags, no problems. deleted all the tags, no problems. Rebuilt all the tags from the file names, no problems. Reformatted the filenames from only the artist and title tags, no problems.
It looks like I will have to reinstall windows from scratch and reinstall the apps I use. I will avoid Audiograbber as a ripper. Can you recommend a ripper to replace it?

Sorry for taking up everyone's time and thank you for your efforts to help correct this non- issue. :+1:

The problem of

will not go away when you change the PC or install windows again.
I would use the working Laptop to check all the files in your collection with MP3diags and repair them until no serious issue is reported any more..
And then I would see if the problems are still there.