WAV-file cannot be written

In one folder I've got files in a MP3 and a WAV-version. I can change the attributes for the MP3 files, but writing to every WAV-file results in an error message: "File {filename.wav} can not be written". There is no info on the why.
I cannot find problems withe either of these files. They all play from within MP3TAG as well in VLC Player. Also, Gspot utility returns all normal codec information. In MP3TAG however, there is no codec, bitrate, frequency and time info. The files are not read-only.
What could be wrong, or what can I do to resolve this?

As wav is a lossless format, encode the unwilling files again.

then it looks like the file is corrupt somewhere and somehow.
Re-encoding is the fastest way.

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Thanks for your answer. Both @ohrenkino and @Poster.
I can't say I understand, because the file did everything it should, except I couldn't write tags to it.
After re-encoding it was solved. However, I didn't use ffmpeg for the re-encoding, but used MediaHuman Audioconverter instead, because that works a lot more simple for me. I'm a simple guy.
But again: thanks for showing me the way.

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