Way to "automate" setting the artist and album from the file name?

Just started using mp3tag, seems wonderful.
My metadata is a mess, and it confuses Roon.
So trying to fix it up and make Roon happier.
Almost all of my mess is files missing tags.
And the tag info is available in the path name.
So I've been selecting an album, then typing in the artist and album tags in the left panel based on the directory name.
I looked at action etc to see if there is a way to automate this, but I don't spot it.
Is it possible?

You could try to start with the Converter Filename -> Tag:

Hmm I don't see how to do it with the filename - tag converter - doesn't seem to let me include the path...

Hi Peter and welcome to the forums!

The previous suggestions linked to posts and topics regarding the Windows version of Mp3tag. From the screenshot it looks like you're using Mp3tag for Mac and I've moved the topic to the #mac category of the forums :slight_smile:

Regarding your question: to import metadata from the folder structure, you can use Convert → Filename - Tag and denote folders using the / folder separator. I've written about that in Documentation → Import Tags from Files.

Ah, I'm getting there thanks.
I can do convert-> filename - tag
with this string
But then separately I need to do
to get the track names in place
Is there a way to do both of those in one convert step instead of two?

You can use %artist%/%album%/%track% %title% which should do the trick in your example.

It tries matching from right to left, so you don't need to specify a full-qualified path to import parts of the directory structure.

Now I need to figure out how to filter on blank artist, for example, and then with one cmd-2 I could fix almost all my metadata problems!

Title isn't in the path name so I'd need to do something like
////%artist%/%abum%/ %title%

Which doesn't work to pick up the title...

But it's in the filename, which is the last part in the example I've quoted above.

Odd, retyped the convert phase and it seems to do what I want,
But when applying it the album tag wasn't updated...
Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 10.19.28 AM

%album% MATCHES ""
Doesn't seem to show only tracks with no album. Any thoughts on what the filter should look like to do that? Thanks.

Looks like I can just sort by album and get all the blanks at the top...

Complex Filter expressions are still in the makings :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Any thoughts on why the above convert didn't set the album?

Yes, it's a typo in the placeholder. You've used %abum% instead of %album%. You can remove the superfluous ABUM fields via the extended tag dialog at Cmd+T.

Oops, that did it. Thanks!
What a terrific tool - tagging thousands of tracks at the moment!

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