Windows 10 Explorer Context-menu integration

I switched from the Windows Desktop Application to the Windows10 App from the Windows Store.
Both work very similar except for one crucial thing.

The Explorer Menu-context integration is not there anymore.
With the Desktop Application mp3tag was right under the right-click menu-options when clicking an audiofile.
With the switch to the W10 App this option is gone (or I cannot find the setting to activate).

I now have to do more actions before I can edit tags in audiofiles. I manually have to start the MP3 W10 App, then go to the folder with my stored music, and select form there the file I want to edit the tags of.
Normally this was right-click MP3-file select MP3tag, an you could start.

Best way to work with tags is from the audiofile as starting point not the tagging-app.

I might have to consider to swithc back to the desktop application.

Exactly - for the time being.

I've updated the linked topic with more information and close this one to keep the discussion focused.