[WS] Apple Music

Ok, you can try and see how this works.
Apple Music for MP3Tag v3.0a.zip (36.8 KB)


278 must be Say " "

292 must be Say " "

393 must be Say " "

P.S. You are the best!!!

Looking good, with above adjustments. Not sure if we can use the textcolor & bgcolor & header etc... but that is easy to unselect also. For the rest it seems working good !

Many thanks


  •   		json_select "description"
      		SayRegexp "‚Ąó.*"

10. März 2022
27 Titel, 1 stunde und 16 minuten
Distributed by URBAN; ‚Ąó 2022 Bra Musik

by tag Copyrights come to "‚Ąó 2022 Bra Musik"

I want have "Distributed by URBAN; ‚Ąó 2022 Bra Musik"

How to delete the first two lines?

You could use something like

SayRegexp ".*$"
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how to remove junk tags?


You see that checkbox on the left side? Or you can edit the source if you will.

its any way to add "recordlabel"?

And also "LABEL" and "UPC".

Added a new version
Apple Music for MP3Tag v3.0b.zip (37.1 KB)

There are some changes, artwork is changed to max size 2400x2400 and 50% quality in jpeg, you can edit it in the script, also I added another option to get original hq artwork from Apple, but you have to uncomment and comment the old artwork parsing.

There are some other changes and fixes and more metadata, but there are some metadata that isn't available.


How do you turn off this part of the .inc file?

OutputTo "COMMENT"
json_select "socialDescription"
json_select "socialTitle"

You can simply put a # in front of it, and it will bypass it :sunglasses:

how can I change the year to 2022-03-10?

I had before
regexpreplace "(\d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2})" "<<<$1>>>"
sayregexp "(\d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2})" "<<<$1>>>"

But now it doesn't work anymore.

If all you want is the date, the easiest is to use SayNChars 10 instead of SayRest.

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I found a bug. ITUNESARTISTID is not displayed on every song.

It is missing in the source.

@AreDigg In this string:

OutputTo "ALBUM"
json_select "title"
Replace " - Single" ""
RegexpReplace "(.)" ""
RegexpReplace "[.
]" ""

What does "RegexpReplace" mean and do?

I'm asking because it won't retain that information when I run some of my albums through the Apple Music Web source, especially when they have "(Remastered)" or other parenthetical words or phrases. It will stop at the album name that doesn't contain parentheses or brackets.
For example, if I run it on "Wagner: Parsifal (Orchestral Music) [Remastered]," it will keep only "Wagner: Parsifal."

Yes, that is what it does.

Really stupid question

I cant remember how/where to put these script files to update the script (especially after the update to make the Apple Music script work).

Can anyone remind me please?