[WS] Apple Music

Normally, in W10, you can go to start, run, and enter this command:


Publisher or Label & UPC please.

Or even safer: Use File>Open Configuration folder
(as that may vary, depending on the kind of installation method)

Do I need to put # before RegexpReplace to turn that off? Or will that mess things up, and there is different way to go about this?

I've been tinkering with this script and managed to add back the missing ITUNESARTISTID and ITUNESCOMPOSERID tags (where available) and fix a few tag output bugs.

Anything I've added that doesn't provide extra functionality or fixes has been commented out, but you can uncomment them if they suit your needs.
Apple Music - Updated.zip (3.6 KB)


I have added a new version, the bigger change is now searching directly in Apple Music, not via iTunes API.

Apple Music for MP3Tag v3.1.zip

Apple Music for MP3Tag v3.2.zip (25.7 KB)


Is there a way to integrate a part of this script to get label and UPC?

Apple Music Barcodes/ISRCs

On this album (32360123, Guy Davis, Give in Kind) I get an empty title-field in track 5 and 14 and the title is written to COMMENT.

Ok, this should give better results in such cases!
Apple Music for MP3Tag v3.3.zip (25.8 KB)

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As far as I am aware of you can't integrate external programs and scripts into a web source script. The best option would be to access the API directly, but it requires that the authorization of the api key is passed on to the Apple servers in each call.

doesn't find by album ID, e.g. 511253111
previous scripts were fine

I've been following this thread for sometime and really love your work.

That being said, the github script has the api key required to make the request. If your ok with sending you a private message I can point you in the direction to retrieve the key currently, and the address on where to make the API call to necessary to get the required information.

One thing I noticed with your 3.X versions is the "TITLE" line only shows the Title of the track only at least using macOS mp3tag, where as "TITLESORT" has the Title of the track displayed correctly as it was with version 2.X.

So in other words "TITLESORT" = "TITLE"

Let me know if you'd like me to PM you.

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Thanks for your interest in helping, but to be clear, I don't need the API key. I am registered developer with Apple, and can make my own keys. If I had the time, I would probably just make my own app to do the tagging. But MP3Tag does a very good job and it saves me a lot of time.

There are several ways to access the Apple Music API in an official way now, but for the moment none are possible via the Web Source framework. One option which recently available is using javascript, which is not supported, the other way is to authorize via http headers when requesting Apple servers, which also is not supported. Apple have expanded the ways to use the API lately so maybe there will be other ways in the future.

As for the script itself and the metadata, I make the script for my own needs, so any manipulation of the various fields I require will also trickle down to the script I upload. I do try to adapt it if someone asks, if I can make it within my needs, or point to how to change it themselves. One thing is the album and song titles, in Apple Music and iTunes, variants and extra information is tagged on to the title. I put this information into comment instead, as it makes it easier for me when I play back in my player. But as you have shown it will always be a compromise.

I wish there were more possibilities to have some "preferences" options for scripts. Even though the script is quite simple, it requires some basic understanding of programming, if you want to adapt it to your own needs.

I could as many other web source authors have done, make a lot of different variants, but then I don't think I want to jump into the rabbit hole of managing so many variants.

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Yes, I know. I did not plan to do anything about it, but I changed my mind.

Apple Music for MP3Tag v3.4.zip (26.4 KB)

It will try to find data if you paste in an URL, or ID.

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No problem at all, once again thank you for your contributions! I love MP3tag, and save me a lot of time as well.

I do a combination of tagging between using you APM/iTunes script and the Beatport Scripts, because outside of using mp3tag to make changes, I tend to use the APM/iTunes app for my idevices.

I'm not a programmer but I do know my way of working with existing code and making the necessary changes if told what to do. Managing different variants isn't ideal, but if adding the coding to the script and blocking it off with # so then the user can make the customizations on their own like the existing Beatport script.

Once again, appreciate your efforts to support us users with your time and this project. Merry Christmas as well and all the best to you!.

please, add to the list of search results 'year' and 'label'

Don't exist from the search,, sorry

Any way to fix multiple artists appearing in artist and albumartist seperated by only , instead of artist1, artist2 & artist3 ? I'd prefer the seperation to be second option.

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I think this would be easiest to be achieved with a separate action: