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WOW, I need it. Thanks.

I will do it on weekend .

If you tag whole albums (which is 99 % of my tagging) you can at least do it somehow semiautomatic with the help of Mp3Tag.
Mark the result site of the webscript without the headline, copy it the the clipboard and paste it to an editor (like notepad++), save it as a text-file and use the Converter Textfile->Tag of Mp3Tag to fill the tags. This way you save the time for C&P the tags of any track of an album individually.
As I am only interested in the composer the format string here looks like this
You can copy the separator from the textfile and paste it in the format string.

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Awesome!!! Thanks this worked very well! But I think it's better to replace the tablespaces with ; on the notepad. Like this:

1;One of the Boys;Katy Perry;Katy Perry;USCA20802539;2008-06-17
2;I Kissed a Girl;Katy Perry;Katy Perry, Lukasz Gottwald, Max Martin & Cathy Dennis;USCA20801738;2008-04-28
3;Waking Up In Vegas;Katy Perry;Katy Perry, Desmond Child & Andreas Carlsson;USCA20802541;2008-06-17
4;Thinking of You;Katy Perry;Katy Perry;USCA20802542;2008-06-17
5;Mannequin;Katy Perry;Katy Perry;USCA20802543;2008-06-17
6;Ur So Gay;Katy Perry;Katy Perry & Greg Wells;USCA20705865;2007-11-20
7;Hot n Cold;Katy Perry;Katy Perry, Lukasz Gottwald & Max Martin;USCA20802544;2008-06-17
8;If You Can Afford Me;Katy Perry;Katy Perry, D. Katz & Sam Hollander;USCA20802545;2008-06-17
9;Lost;Katy Perry;Katy Perry & Ted Bruner;USCA20705906;2008-06-17
10;Self Inflicted;Katy Perry;Katy Perry, Anne Preven & Scott Cutler;USCA20802546;2008-06-17
11;I'm Still Breathing;Katy Perry;Katy Perry & Dave Stewart;USCA20802547;2008-06-17
12;Fingerprints;Katy Perry;Katy Perry & Greg Wells;USCA20802548;2008-06-17
13;I Think I'm Ready (Bonus Track);Katy Perry;Katy Perry & Ted Bruner;USCA20802549;2008-06-17

It would be nice if someone could modify the ToadKing script to be able to download the notepad ready with the ; and maybe including the barcode & copyright information for each line/track. This would save few seconds in the process.

And for the Textfile->Tag and the most appropriate format string is:


Can you share it? Thanks.

I have messaged you.

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I'm very heavily using this plugin and would be appreciated it if I could have this script too.

Same for me, appreciated it if you send it :slight_smile:

I'd also like it as well :slight_smile: