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@AreDigg Do you have any idea what is causing this bizarre issue?

The only track treated "normally" is the first track. The second track omits it entirely, and every subsequent track has two vertical bars following the track number (e.g., 201||).

How do we format a string so that instead of "Artist, Artist, Artist," it is "Artist, Artist & Artist"?


No, I tried to load the same album, and I don't have the same issue.

Many thanks @AreDigg you're the best. Not as good as the previous script but still the BEST.

EDIT: Missing the UPC, Language and Label tags. Will it be possible to add these ?

Do you suppose it's because I'm still using the 32-bit version of MP3Tag instead of the 64-bit version?

I just switched over to the 64-bit version, and the issue persists.

Okay I tried to edit the script to my liking, spent 3 hours doing it and messed up at every try, finally determined I can't do it on my own and need someone smarter than me to help me out.

I want to change the caps on the tag fields like all tag fields should be where first alphabet is capatalized and the rest are small caps, ex: "Composer", Comment", "Copyright", "iTunesAdvisory", "iTunesCatalogID".

And want want all the tag fields removed except for, artist, title, album, track, year, genre, comment, album artist, composer, copyright, description, disc, isrc, itunesadvisory, itunescatalogid and itunesmediatype.

Who can help me accomplish this ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I truly mean it.

Isn't this a question of post-processing with an action of the type "Case conversion":

@ohrenkino As far as I know, that will change the tags written to the files, not the tag fields, for that script needs to be edited. Thank you for the response and the help though.

Please have a look at the documentation to see the various settings to change the case of special properties:

For language you can add this

json_select "audioLocale"
Say "|"


OutputTo "ISRC"
json_select "isrc"
Say "|"

For the other tags, they are not present in the source data, but you could change PUBLISHER to LABEL if you need it, or use both.

Please ensure you have the newest script, and if you make your own modifications check that they are correct.

I have the newest version, and the problem was there even before I made any modifications.

In that case you receive different data from Apple. I can try to diagnose it, but then you have to take my unmodified script, uncomment line 267: # debug "on" "debug-album.txt" (by removing the #). Then send me the debug-album.txt file, after you have tried it on an album with incorrect data.

Works, thanks.

Detected a problem. The title of the tracks where other artists are featured the feat.xxxx is not written to the track title instead goes to the comment field.

02 Ce soir ne sors pas (feat. Maître Gims).flac

Now the tags are:

Title: Ce soir ne sors pas
Comment: feat. Maître Gims

Shouldn't this comment field be suffixed to the title field ?

Tried with many albums, same result. feat. artist from the title goes to the comment field instead.


Thamks for the support Aredigg.

Edit: Album artwork is always 2400x2400, is it possible to obtain the highest possible resolution artwork through the script ?

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Have the same problem. It seems like title and titlesort are swapped, aswell as album and albumsort.

It's by design. I mentioned it already, but because it's AreDigg's script it's his preference on what works for him, and he's simply sharing it with us.

You can see his response here: [WS] Apple Music - #234 by AreDigg

I personally am not going to make them work harder for something that takes an extra 5 seconds to copy and paste over in Extended Tags mode.

If someone is able to make the necessary changes and document it, that would allow us manually adjust the script.

You don't even have to do it manually - you can apply an action as dexcribed in the HowTos:

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The script is writing some data in the comment field and I just want it to be completely empty. So how do I empty it out removing the entry from this field ?

I suppose this can be accomplished using one of the actions but I will need some regex expression.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.