[WS] TheMovieDB


first of all I would just like to commend briefly MP3Tag and everyone who is involved in this app - you do a great job, thanks so much for that. I combine tagging my library with Musicbrainz Picard and I haven't found any other functional software alternative of this combination yet. I tried about 30 of them myself, including paid ones.

I attach WS script to grab data from TheMovieDB(.org). Perhaps most will not use it, but it can help someone. I make the result of tagging as the largest possible set of variants of using individual fields. Therefore, some values are repeated in different fields (eg. DESCRIPTION, COMMENT, PLOT, SYNOPSIS etc.) to achieve the widest compatibility with different players, media servers, etc. Currently tested only on MP4 and MKV containers and in KODI, Plex, Emby, Jellyfin environments. I built the basic set of data to be filled in tagfields with the MetaX application.

To ensure script functionality, you need to register at TheMovieDB(.org), generate an API key (https://www.themoviedb.org/settings/api) and use it in URLs. Specific places are marked there in the script.

I am not a programmer, this is my first MP3Tag WS script and therefore I apologize in advance for any errors or bad data acquisition and processing methods, procedures etc.. I will be glad for any adjustments and improvements to make it work properly and general satisfaction.

Many thanks for your attention
TheMovieDB.com (v 1.0).src (10.4 KB)