[X] iTunes doesn't read comment tag when Mp3tag language is Spanish

Hi developers team,
as i said in the topic title, iTunes doesn't read COMMENT tag when Mp3tag language is Spanish.
If I change Mp3tag language to English, restart the application and re-write the comment tag, iTunes reads it without any problem.

OS: Windows 7 x64 SP1 Professional
Software version: v2.62
ID3 tag version: ID3v2.3

Thanks for this great software.

Best regards,
Iñaki Martinez.

Yes. This is so. iTunes for whatever reason wants to have COMMENT tagged with the language ENGLISH.

You can keep the Spanish gui and still write COMMENT in English if you change one entry in your MP3tag-language-file spanish.lng.
Search for
and replace it with

Thanks a lot for this workaround.
Can't believe Apple is still doing things like this... :flushed:

Best regards,
Iñaki Martinez.

With the latest Development Build, Mp3tag now has a new configuration dialog Options > Tags > Advanced which allows for the configuration of the ID3v2 comment language.

This implies, that setting the ISO language code via the language file is not needed (and not possible) anymore.

Kind regards

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