[X] possible mishandling of backslashes in tags

Problem description:
"Tags to filename" function creates folders when tags contain a \ (backslash)

artist: yyy
title: zzz\zzz

Using the "tag to filename" option with a "%artist%-%title%" format-string - I'd expect the resulting file to be named

Due to restrictions in the file system, this filename is impossible to create. the "yyy-zzz" part will always be interpreted as a folder containing a file called "zzz.mp3".
As a result, instead of renaming the file, the program will create a new folder + move the file into this folder + change the filename to zzz.mp3.

I guess this "splitting" behavior is not intended, because it is (not technically but logically) contradictory to the chosen format-string.

This might be related to the Characters allowed in directory names discussion, but additionally it might cause other serious malfunctions, as the folder creation doesn't seem to be an expected behavior of the program (e.g. there is no "undo" option available afterwards).

It also causes a great deal of confusion, especially

    with users that are unaware of that splitting behavior (which would probably be almost everyone) with users that are unaware that one of the their tags contains a backslash with tags containing multiple backslashes.
An option would be to swap the backslash for some other character (by default) or at least to show an option dialog before handling the file.

Anyways, you did a great job with this program! Thanks a lot, guys!

Tested with v2.44 on win7rc

Sorry for bumping an old thread, but blindly converting %track% with a \ in it to a filename breaks it badly (\m/ in my case).
Tested in 2.46a, it moves the file to a higher level and discards all before the .
A possibility to filter the tag in the tag->file etc dialogs would be best I guess

This is no bug
You can avoid this by using: $replace(%title%,\,_)

Undo IS available after after formating the filename in the way described above.

It might be a good idea to let Mp3Tag do $replace(%ANY TAG%,\,_) automatically when formating filenames.
One the other hand:
I use \ very often in formating filenames to deliberately creating now folders. So it would have to be made sure, that $replace(%ANY TAG%,\,_) is only used automatically when \ is within a tag, and not when it is between then tags of a string.

And: This can even be usefull.
For example I was thinking about sorting my dj-mixes with using "Radio Station\Show" as publisher and using this for automatic sorting in sub folders. The only reason I did not so is, that it would take me to much to re-tag all my files.

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