[X] Renaming from tags with "\" character creates a new folder!

As I said in the title:
Renaming from tags with "" character creates a new folder! (wtf?)
Maybe you won't consider this as a bug, but think of it!
Are you sure the user pretends to create a new folder when he is just remaming his files from the title? I think not, and it's not so strange to find song titles with rare characters like that.
What it should do is just skip those characters when renaming, or at least give you that option, wich would be still better, but of course the default option should be skip it!

PS: by the way, I don't think that forcing users to register in this forum in wich nobody except the admins will enter twice is a bad idea. It's already boring having to read the rules or even finding the right place to post and top of that registering and all that, people just want to post their ideas or bugs as soon as they can and go away. If you are worried about spam just insert one of those images with numbers before posting... come on! Who would wanna spam a site like this?
(feel free to edit or move the PS)

Use $replace(%title%,\,) if you have backslashes in your title tags.

Regarding your P.S.: You have no idea.

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