Context-menu is missing in Microsoft Store version

forgive me if this is the wrong place for this...

however i had mp3tag on for years, and then i installed the windows store version, and afterwards uninstalled the "old" version... idk why it was there twice, i would think whichever one is installed last would be the only version installed?

in any case, the windows store version is there, and does work, but all my context menus in windows explorer are gone, (and i had to redo the options, etc) and i can't see any way to get them back... would it be possible to include a tool or function in the options to restore missing context menu functions, and or their icons?


EDIT: so i should have mentioned that when i uninstalled the orig mp3tag it asked if i wanted to also uninstall data and so on from the roaming dir, and i said no, thinking the new store one would use it. i have since also uninstalled the store version, and reinstalled it. no joy.

so i don't know if b/c i said "no" during that orig ver uninstall i now have a lot of orphaned data out there taking up space, (its a small system drive). unlike the orig ver, the store ver doesn't ask any Qs on install or uninstall. it also doesn't seem to use that data?

so then i got the bright idea to uninstall the store ver and reinstall the regular ver, and voila, my context menus are back, (minus their icons).

i realize i've rambled a bit, but this was not a clean exp and i thought the feedback might help. thx again.

I've moved your post to a separate topic. Here are the existing topics regarding context-menu extensions for the Microsoft Store version including explanations on why it's not possible to realize at the moment:

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