Customizing user-defined genre tags, round 2

I came across this thread in my search for how to expand on the predetermined list of genres. Unfortunately, the issue didn't really get resolved for this particular case with a version update. While you can indeed now add custom values for most fields, the standard Genre field has this option greyed out. Any reason why? I'd argue that if any field would benefit from being able to expand it with user-defined values, it's genres. Thanks.


Uncheck the prefer to use values from list option to see and modify the list.

As you do not tell us which MP3tag version you use, it could be that you still have to set the Genres in the Options.

and there

I can't. It's greyed out.

Sorry, my bad. Yeah, I was using 3.19, updating to b fixed it. Thank you very much for the quick reply.

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