Mp3tag Development Build Status

Date: 2023-11-24
Version: 3.23a
Status: Beta
Download: 32-bit mp3tagv323asetup.exe
64-bit mp3tagv323a-x64-setup.exe (additional notes)

3.23a (2023-11-24)

  • NEW: added Playlist Generator via Ctrl+Shift+P to generate multiple playlists for user-defined partitions.
  • NEW: added keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+A for adding album cover from file.
  • NEW: added support for removing only duplicate fields that have the same content at action Remove Duplicate Fields.
  • NEW: added support for choosing a dedicated field to apply an action Remove Duplicate Fields to.
  • CHG: error message if entry for already existing field is added to the Tag Panel. (#62648)

Released Mp3tag v3.23a — Beta