File disappears from list after being dragged out

Windows 10 Home 64-bit 20H2
Mp3tag v3.04a
Windows Explorer integrtation not installed

  1. Add two or more files into Mp3tag
  2. Drag one file out, to a Windows Explorer folder or in my usual case, Audacity
  3. File disappears from list in Mp3tag
  4. Refresh Mp3tag list with F5, file reappears in list

In Tools > Options > General, I have enabled Keep moved files in file list option so I believe this should not be happening and it is a bug.

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Whether a file is moved or copied from a list or not depends on the accepting application.
See this thread:

Yep that's the exact same "bug" I'm facing. Audacity is definitely not physically moving the file on the disk, nor is it editing/modifying it. Plus, when refreshing the Mp3tag file list interface the fiile shows back up.

This is only a recent bug. I'm not sure whether it's a Windows update, Audacity update or Mp3tag update triggering it. Is there any way we can disable this from happening? Plus, it raises the question, what is the "Keep moved files in file list" option if not for resolving this?

Then have a look at this thread:

It is not MP3tag that determines what happens to the files but the accepting application.
So please turn to the Audacity developers and tell them that this is not the way you like it.
The option that you quote is an option to set whether you still want to see files in MP3tag that have been moved by MP3tag to a different folder than the current working directory.

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You can try holding the Ctrl down when performing the drag and drop operation. Does this help?

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Thanks! It's actually not Audacity inducing this behaviour, but the latest Windows 10 update. I've verified by using the latest Audacity versions on two machines, one with all Windows Updates installed and one without.
The Windows machine with all updates installed will make the file vanish from Mp3tag, but the machine without updates will not. Furthermore, I have just updated the eldest machine to the latest Windows Updates and now the same bad behaviour is observed on both.
I'm not sure whether it is Explorer or Audacity's changed behaviour but I will take this up with the Audacity team like you mentioned.

PS, the weirdest thing though. One machine is still removing the file when I drag it out of Mp3tag to Explorer, but one is not. (:

Yes indeed it does, in both instances. Thanks Florian.

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No, it is not. To use CTRL only helps with Audacity, not with the mentioned "Mp3 Qualiity Modifier".

I've reviewed the code in question again and it still holds. Audacity returns DROPEFFECT_MOVE at drag and drop without any modifier keys pressed and DROPEFFECT_COPY when Ctrl is pressed.

When the target app of the drag and drop reports that files are moved, I have no other chance than removing the files from the file list. I have no indication of where the files are moved to and would end up with orphaned files on actual moves.

One option to circumvent these problems would be to disallow move operations via drag and drop from Mp3tag all together. However, this would probably and most likely disappoint people who are using the feature as intended.

Once again, I'm moving this to #bug-reports:no-bugs

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