Has Tag Box View changed?

In Mp3tag 2.93 has the Tag Box view changed?
I have been using Mp3tag for years yet when I updated to day it seems the tag box view now has multiple boxes showing the same thing and it will not edit tags in the first boxes but when I move down the list to the second section of boxes it will edit the tags. Is there something I am missing?

I have also looked in File - Options - Tag Panel and there are the same boxes repeated many times. Why is this?

You're not the first one to report this and the easy and quick fix is to remove the duplicates at "Options > Tag Panel".

If you want to help me at identifying the issue you can read

I thought I've fixed the issue by detecting Mp3tag being closed when the user is logged out as explained here

Unfortunately, the issue seems to be still present. One exception that could explain the behavior would be a hard crash of your computer or an electricity blackdown, but I doubt this was the case.

Thanks for quick reply.
i had already found that unticking them in options it had gone back to normal.
thanks for a useful program Florian

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You can actually delete the superfluous duplicates via the button on the right.