Mp3 duration more than actual duration

i am developing an mp3 app.
app is workinf fine but mp3 duration is displaying more than the actual duration

Does this happen always or only for files with variable bitrate?
Check the files with one of the common utilities like mp3val, foobar2000, mp3diags and see if the header is OK.

it happens only for files with variable bit rate

What do you expect now?
Do you think this has something to do with MP3tag or is it a general problem?

Jeez, give the guy a break!
He posted in the Off-Topic category: that could be anything.

Ok, I try to be a bit more supportive:
Here is a thread that deals with variations of length in VBR files:

or here on VBRs in general:

or here - the general notion being that the header is corrupt:

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For years I have been using Winamp 5.666 and continuously upgraded Mp3tag. And I probably always have gotten different overall times counted for the same set of files loaded to them. For example one set of all kinds of [over 400] files in Winamp are listed as lasting 4:58:03 while in Mp3tg as 5:01:55. It is like this: the shorter the files are, then the more often a 1 second difference will show up between Winamp and Mp3tag for one and the same file; and the more files are loaded, the bigger the difference gets

I got used to it and I do not care for those differences. If I rarely need to know the exact time I can use an editor which will give me milliseconds- although I can not in a convenient way load a bunch of files [even as little as 40 or 4] and have them counted as a whole. But I just do not need that kind of precise info on a daily basis