Mp3 file does not have a Comments field; it is not modifiable in mp3Tag, either

I downloaded an mp3 file from Briteon. I'm using Windows 8.1.
When I opened the Properties of the file in File Explorer, there was no Comments field.
When I opened the file in mp3Tag, I was able to enter the URL that was the source of the file in the Comments field on the left pane, but the Save button was inactive - both the button, and the Save menu item, so I could not put the Comments data in the file using mp3Tag, either.

Do I need to convert the file to another format?
If so, which one, and how do I do that?


Before you try to convert your mp3 into another format, please check your mp3 file, if it is valid and has no errors.
(The file may play correctly but this is not an indicator of whether the file structure is valid or not.)

You will find some check-tools here:

You are right. I didn't even notice that it's an .aac file, not an .mp3 file. VLC took care of it for me.

See e.g. this thread on AAC files:

or here:

So I wonder what VLC did for you.
Save the info in its own database?

I used VLC to convert my .aac file to .mp3 file.
Then it has all the mp3 tags you would expect.

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