Mp3tag v2.90a released

I've just released Mp3tag v2.90

With this release, I've updated the code-signing certificate that I'm using to verify the origin and integrity of the Mp3tag installer and the program itself (the previous one expires in a few days). It was a lengthy process which involved verifying my identity from different angles and I'm happy that can continue to offer this additional safety measure to you.

I've also fixed a lot of issues that have been reported since the last release. So if you want to use the (to my knowledge) most stable version of Mp3tag ever released, you should give it a try.

:rocket: You can download the new version from

:orange_heart: And if you like Mp3tag and want to support my work as an Indie Developer, I’m happy about any contribution

Enjoy and take care
— Florian

P.S.: Here is the complete list of changes for this release:

  • CHG: updated code-signing certificate.
  • FIX: loading root directories via context-menu did not work anymore (since v2.88f).
  • FIX: current selection of files was incorrect after enabling filter in some cases. (#42896)
  • FIX: missing files from playlists were not reported anymore (since v2.88f). (#42934)
  • FIX: runtime error when closing Microsoft Store version in rare cases.
  • FIX: cover count display on Tag Panel did only support one-digit counts. (#12779)
  • FIX: export failed for non-canonicalized paths when triggered from actions (since v2.88f). (#42515)
  • FIX: save configuration did not include all files from data directory. (#42680)
  • FIX: undo tag source menu-entry always displayed freedb. (#42670)
  • FIX: added missing documentation on adding files via CLI. (#42597)
  • CHG: improved over-time footprint of in-memory caching if library is disabled. (#42442)
  • FIX: some default Tag Panel field names were not auto-translated on language change. (#42331)
  • FIX: disabled fields on Tag Panel were part of the Tab navigation sequence.
  • FIX: some system error messages were displayed as raw UTF-8 (since v2.88f). (#42508)
  • FIX: auto-numbering wizard did not allow for track numbers starting at 0. (#42265)
  • NEW: released Mp3tag to the Microsoft Store. (#42546)

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I've just released Mp3tag v2.90a, which is a hotfix release and resolves these two issues that were reported since Friday:

  • FIX: refreshing file list of individually loaded files emptied list. (#43047)
  • FIX: runtime error when copying and pasting of tags in some cases. (#43037)

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