Option "Genre" is missing

In actual version 3.19c of mp3tag in "Options" I can't find the category "Genres". In earlier versions it was present. Is this a bug and how to add new "Genres"?


CHG: consolidated user-defined genres to be also implemented via Tag Panel custom list values and retired Options > Genres.

Which means: you now set the genres where you define the custom list for a tag field.

It's not the problem with Tag-Panel, "Genre" exists on main-menu. When I wanto create a new Genre, e.g. "Organ", I can't find in Options (Ctrl+O) a point "Genre" (like in earlier versions) so it will be will be added in usrfields.ini.

As you can access the user-defined genres only via the tag panel field, the definition of the list of genres is now merged with the definition of the tag panel field. Otherwise you would have had 2 places for the definition of the same thing.
If you do not want to have the genre field in the tag panel, then untick the option to display it.
You will notice that all the previous definitions of genres have moved to the custom list of the tag panel field for genres.

Now I found it. You should update this instructions "Mp3tag Documentation".

This is a beta update right now. But agree that this document page should be updated once it rolls out to full release.

Running 3.20, can someone please elaborate on how you access the genre option settings now.

The official release topic Mp3tag v3.20 released has a textual description and some screencasts, which should exemplify what you're asking for.

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