How To - Start Mp3tag from Total Commander / FreeCommander

For Users of the file manager Total Commander here is a little tool that makes loading Mp3tag with one or more files/folders possible.

Also it's possible to automatically select all loaded files after sending them to Mp3tag.

See ReadMe file for instructions.


Mp3tagTCButton.rar (355 KB)

Thanks dano...this is great! :w00t:

My tool should also work with FreeCommander

If you add the tool, use these values:

Start folder:



You have just like fixed FreeCommander & Mp3tag Experience for me:

So thank you very much

Unfortunately your little EXE only loads files [and folders] to Mp3tag- thus replacing the old file list. But if it is clicked with the CTRL being pushed in, then the files / folders are added. And so the full trick is to: set a hot key like CTRL + 1 for it, because then the CTRL is being pushed as you execute it

[But I am pretty much sure I am just dreaming and tomorrow this will somehow turn out to work only sometimes and my problem still will not be solved]

And here I am- back to square one

It seems that this solution works- but can stop at any given attempt of loading files

Sometimes I can add files 10 times and sometimes 5 or just 1. But inevitably Mp3tag gets somehow corrupted and the Button instead of adding, just replaces the current list with whatever is selected. Then I have to close Mp3tag and just reopen it- then the Button and CTRL duet again work properly. [And so this fixing by the means of reopening of Mp3ag tells us that it is the fault of Mp3tag and not the FreeCommander or dano's Button]

And I did make sure it was not a case of a broken CTRL on a keyboard- I repeatedly experienced this break down also when using two different virtual keyboard [thus pressing CTRL + 1 evoking my button with my mouse]

Default behaviour is replacing the file list...
Nether bothered if adding works. :slight_smile:

Only thing I could change is that my program simulates a Ctrl key press.
Best would be if Florain adds a switch to the Mp3tag command line.

My problem is, that my mp3tag.exe is not in the folder
The Mp3tagTCButton.exe from the original post says:

By default %programfiles%\Mp3tag\MP3tag.exe is used to start Mp3tag.
Use the second parameter to change it if your Mp3tag.exe is in a different location.
So I have to use the parameter

%UL "Path to alternative Mp3tag.exe file" /SelectAll

But when I want to put the parameter %UL "path to exe" and /%ActivSelAsFileUtf8%, then I get an error.

So whhat is the right parameter or best way (without drag&drop), if I want in FreeCommander (windows 10 32Bit) select some Files and send them to mp3tag.exe, if this exe is not in %programfiles%?


Use this parameter:

%ActivSelAsFileUtf8% "path to exe"


Hello again.
Do you habe the same problem and know a solution?

If I go that way with the parameter %ActivSelAsFileUtf8% "path to exe", then the Path in Tag-Panel in MP3tag is set to the folder of FreeCommander. So if I want to make a playlist in MP3TAG, the default Save-Path is not the path where the Files are.
But if I drag and drop the files from FreeCommander to MP3TAG and make then a playlist, then the default Save-Path ist set to the real folder where the files are.

As I wrote already you also have to fill Start folder with %ActivDir%

How about creating second versions of your little piece of software- an alternative one, that would add and not replace? The Mp3tag users could choose then whichever they like. Or just use both of them, depending on a situation