Icon not showing in Taskbar when launched via context menu

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I know, there is apparently a thread for this (see Icon not showing in Task Bar - Win 11 - #3), but this thread was autoclosed, so I cant add any replies.

So I installed MP3tag on Win11 and if I launch this from my desktop, the icon is there, however if i rightclick MP3 and launch the application from the context menu, theres no icon in Taskbar.

Plz fix this guys. Its not the issue on Win10 it seems.


On that note to developer: I'm using Winrar 6.02 x64 and I created Winrar archive package on desktop. Rightclicking it and choosing "Open with WinRAR" - no problems with icons.
Meaning it can be fixed.


This is from the classic context menu that is displayed when you click "Show more options".

You're referring to Mp3tag context-menu integration in the new top-level context menu that was introduced with Windows 11.

Screenshot (19)
No Icon in the Taskbar on Windows 11

I think I've found a way to circumvent this and fixed it with Mp3tag v3.12a.


I just installed Mp3tag v3.12a and unfortunately the icon is still not shown when starting mp3tag from explorer integration. I am running windows 11 home with all fixes installed.

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You could try this workaround:

Sorry, but this didn't work for me either

When the program is started from the context menu, there is no icon on the taskbar. When launched from the shortcut, everything is ok.
Windows 11 Pro 22000.265, no tweaked
Mp3tag 3.14 d, e, f [x32, x64], standard installation

It should have been fixed with v3.13

[2022-02-10] FIX: taskbar icon was missing when starting from File Explorer shell extension under Windows 11 using Standard installation.

and the icon is showing for me in my test environment.

Maybe it's related to from where you're starting from the context menu? Is this on a local folder/files/network or any special location in File Explorer (search result or tree)?

No. When opening a file from the root of the C drive, there is no icon either.

Upd. Sorry. I ran from the context menu of Total Commander 10.50b4. From the explorer you can see the icon.

OK, thanks for adding this important detail.

The workaround I've implemented for Windows Explorer tries to execute Mp3tag using the Explorer instance. This prevents the Mp3tag.exe from being started with the identity of the DLL which results in no icon being shown on the taskbar.

The Mp3tag Shell Extension implements IObjectWithSite and queries the provided site for a series of COM interfaces to finally call IShellDispatch2::ShellExecute. It's quite a ride and it seems that this sequence of COM interfaces is not provided by Total Commander.

I'm marking this as #bug-fixed as it's now working for Windows File Explorer and TC's behavior is beyond my powers.

Thanks for the explanation!

Manually registering

regsvr32 Mp3tagShell.dll

helped me.
There was an item in the context menu and an image of an icon in the taskbar, including when starting from TC.