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When I updated Mp3Tag (portable) to latest version v2.81, installer changed the language to Finnish. Well, I'm in Finland, so that's correct, but I prefer English. Opened language options, changed to English and restarted Mp3Tag...but some of the UI is still in Finnish. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling (updated to latest beta v2.81a), but still the same problem. Bug?

Btw, I'm using Win7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit (English installation)

I think that the objects in the tag panel are user defined ones and their definition is saved in the mp3tag.ini.
So if you have once used the Finish version and created the objects then this definition is saved in a file that does not get overwritten with a new installation or changing the GUI language.
You would have to edit your tag panel settings: first delete the extra objects, then re-create them.

The same applies to the column headers: they are stored in the file columns.ini which does not get updated ... as you can have any quantity of user-defined columns with more or less any heading as column definition. Once you have defined your own columns, MP3tag cannot tell the difference between initially delivered columns definitions and user-defined ones. So it takes all the definitions as user-defined.

You would have to rename the column headers by yourself.
Or you delete all the files for user-defined settings and start from scratch.

Thanks for advice! I deleted data/columns.ini and data/usrfields.ini and now everything is in English. :smiley:


I had the same problem and I have solved it by deleting columns.ini and usrfields.ini, but I really think this is a bug.

I have installed Mp3Tag on a new machine, with no previous version installed (so no user-defined columns or fields). My Windows regional settings are set to Romanian, the same as location and date/time settings (Windows 7 Professional 64bit), but everything else in Windows is displayed in English. The installer detected the regional settings and automatically installed using Romanian. I don't remember if I was offered a choice of installer language, but I believe I was not (I find this behaviour really annoying, by the way). Once installed, the first action I took after opening Mp3Tag was to change the interface language, at witch point the behaviour described by Pignick was observed.

So to sum up: if the installer decides that the program should be installed using Romanian translations without asking me, if the program then stores the Romanian translations for column headers and other fields as user-defined customisations and fails to restore the English language strings when asked so, I really think it's a bug (a couple of different bugs, actually).

Not trying to be an ass here. Thank you ohrenkino for the solution, and a thousand times Thank You Florian for a great piece of software.

Best regards,

If you have a fresh installation of MP3tag
you change the language straight away and delete the files for columns and user-defined fields, then there is no harm done, no actually defined user-settings have to be deleted.

I cannot say anything about how the installation routine determines the language.

I agree with Tudorminator that this is a bug. And he was right in saying that MP3TAG fails to replace localized strings in columns and user-defined fields files.

This is a part of an example of the content of usrfields.ini


name=Artiste de l'album

When we change language, MP3TAG should have changed the values of EVERY name value in those files BEFORE asking user to restart the software. Actually, a neater way of programming would have been to NOT store localized strings at all. Localized strings are fetched from "value" fields and dynamically displayed on GUI.

Fresh installation or not, the problem is the same.

Let's see the problem this way:

After manually deleting those columns and user-defined fields, the user wants to use another language once again
He changes it in GUI
Restart the software
When the software starts up, he expects to see everything in the new language.
But he finds that some of them are still in previous language

Expected behaviour != actual behaviour >> BUG

Is there an understanding problem?
Additionally to the already existing localized naming system within Mp3tag, the user is allowed to define own column definitions in the list view and also in the Tag Panel.
The applied descriptive text can be of any language, given by the user's input.
You are free to apply your own specific art of language.
Mp3tag has no effect on such user defined settings.
Mp3tag has no translator feature.
You can try to create different copies of userfields or columns ini files or such and apply them to your specific needs.


No column header derives from the field name.
The only defined starting point is a fresh installation where the definitions from the installation are transferred to a file called columns.ini which is a local, user-defined file for the column definitions.

This file only gets created during a(nother) fresh installation and is kept when doing an update installation or changing the GUI language at runtime.

I would like to draw your attention to the flexible features of MP3tag.

While the default installation really only features columns for standard fields and file properties it is possible for the user to define his own columns like e.g. one for the playlist name in which he has used the file, an indicator that a file should be deleted, a user-defined field to store the order number of a Bach cantata and so on.

There will never be a decent translation for these user-defined columns.

Or a user modifies value, field and sort-by option of a column definition but keeps the header - is this a user-defined column or the original that should be translated?

We can cut this short: you are free to keep your opinion that this is a bug.
It has been rated as no bug until now, the technicalities have been laid open.

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